EOS Lighting was founded in 2002 with the idea that Good Design can and should be presented in an inspired, knowledgeable and friendly manner.

 We like to think of EOS, as the web-stop for the savvy design enthusiast... bringing the rare and unusual plus time-tested icons of design directly 

to your front door. Our mani festo is reallyquite simple: to share the joys of Good Design while providing value and excellence in service to our 

patrons.  Whether  you simply enjoy browsing the product pages to see what's new,or dive directly in to plan your next purchase, we hope to foster 

a fun and enriching environment where people can delight in Good Design on their own terms.

 E O S 
매년 디자인을 다양하게 출시한다. 
모던한 디자인의 실링, 펜던트, 스탠드 등 다양한 조명을 만들어내고 있다.

조명 기구의 마감과 생산 공정 관리가 매우 엄격해 디자인과 품질에 관한 우수성을 공인받았다. (기사 발췌)